Just take your pick.

His hair was tousled.

Life is not all fun and games.

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I don't have a cent, let alone a dollar.

At first sight, it seemed larger to me.

Neither students nor teachers should ever stop learning.

She strangled a cat.

That foreigner spoke Japanese as if it were his native language.


Send the package to me at this address.

She looked out of the window.

Are you sure you don't want anything to eat?

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Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Lynne hasn't been accused of anything.

Did Miltos say who was going to help him fix his car?

What is this city's population?

I bet you didn't expect to see me again so soon.

You should get back in your car.

We're just going to talk.

List got off the bus.

Your face is red. Are you okay? Perhaps you have a fever?

It was impressive.

If you need help, take a private class with Professor Wilson.

We found Kenneth.

Today I came to work by car.

The situation is complicated.

Srinivasan and Irving hardly know each other.

A man as diligent as he is, is sure to succeed.

Didn't you ask Howard if you could borrow some money?

I made a list.

Everyone felt sorry for him.


I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.


Is there anyone who can answer?

This rule applies to any case.

We're interrogating them.


I was very proud.


Can I talk to you about them?


Who is out there?

Mario is so sick that he barely can move.

The new president wants to build up the army.


I think he likes her.

We tried it out yesterday; as expected, it was really good.

I asked her to wait a minute.

Terrence always leaves his computer on.

Van told me you only want two hundred dollars for your guitar.

She has a cat. This cat is white.

He seems to be at home in Greek literature.

Her boyfriend is in trouble with the law.

I was overjoyed when I was able to make friends with her!


I'm sorry. I know I overreacted.

This book is pretty easy for me to read.

Will anyone volunteer to help me?

I feel bad about lying.

Many on-line companies need to have a new approach to business to survive.


The farm production of this year is better than we expected.

Are you going to show me where you work?

I rocked the baby on my knee.

She dumped him for a younger man.

I've left that line of business.

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They called for an end to the fighting.

I knew something bad would happen if Tony and Marie went hiking together.

Whose grammar book is this?

I want to know what Margie meant.

I could kick myself for not bringing a map.

I don't know what to do.

I really want to go to the bring and buy and get something unique

Where are we meeting?

I'll be there Friday night.

We have to find a way to reach Nikolai.

The snow was melting and stuck to my skis.

How much is the express?

She is wearing dancing shoes.

Listen to my advice!

Regardless what you say, I don't believe you.

How many bridges are there in London?

Where do you usually buy your shoes?

My shoes want repairing.

He continued working all day.

You have got it.

I'm taking bereavement leave on Jan. 30 and 31.

Shirley is from Boston and so is Mario.

Brandi is in the room.

Next Monday and Tuesday are holidays.

What subject are you good at?


I caught my son stealing from a cookie jar.


It is suggested that the meeting be preponed.

We would often go swimming in the river.

Are you going to die?

I'm never going to be able to do this without your help.

We could not go there because of the rain.

This situation has to change.

After the movie they fall asleep.

This is no time for jokes.

Florian ate many of his meals off of paper plates.

You may give this photograph to anyone who wants it.

What did you eat for breakfast?


Terrance plays the piano very well.

I sit down crosslegged where Aoi points.

Choose a particular event you remember well.


We never lock our doors around here.

No more parties.

A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the "little bird told him so" type of source.


I don't even have time for a walk.


You've made me feel a lot better.

Twelve sailors stand on the deck, looking longingly towards the shore.

How many bullets can a machine gun shoot?

It's slow as shit.

If you sleep with so little on, you'll catch a cold.


How much rent do you pay?

A serious form of flu prevails throughout the country.

The governor invested him with full authority.

He is involved in the case a little.

Is it really the case?


Jaime didn't come home last night and he didn't show up at school either today.

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"What day is it?" "It's Wednesday."

I was with Nadeem last night.

Stephan is just a part-time worker.

There was a bridge across each river.

I know who didn't do what they were supposed to do.

He was given the benefit of the doubt.

Does this taxi go to the Jingan temple?

He lives in a luxury apartment close to Central Park.

I need to show you something.

I'm not used to talking to people I don't know.

She likes to eat strange foods.

It might be possible to contact Barton.

Take it or leave it.

Shoemaker, stick to your last.

Her skin is coarse from years of working outdoors.

The dining car's at the front end of the train.

How much longer is this going to take?

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You didn't tell me.

I knew I wanted to do it.

I'm trying to help you become a better person.

We mustn't give way to these impudent demands.

It's just after midnight in Boston.

Bryan and Skeeter voted for John.

I can prove it.

It's the national week of the book.

I wanted to buy the book, but I found I had no more than 200 yen with me.

A week from yesterday is when I last saw her.

The brightest flame burns quickest.

Do you really want to wait a year?

Slice the bread very thinly.

Adlai started to get drowsy again.

Nobody wants to do that.

She felt herself being lifted up.

She bought the dress on impulse.


I think Amigo is deceitful.

I like your eyeglasses.

Do you understand that?


Guns don't kill men.


I didn't sleep at all that night.

Collin took off his hat and bowed down to them.

Fourteen mice were lost when the Jupiter rocket they were aboard was destroyed after launch from Cape Canaveral on September 16, 1959.

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Do you suffer from insomnia?

He finally went through with his plan to go to Thailand.

When she saw the gunman, Soraya nearly had a fit.

She knows it.

Beowulf was fatally wounded in the battle.

The man is using the landline to call.

Byron sits behind Rafael in science class.

At the time, the incident did not seem important.

The irony was lost on him.


We only speak Spanish at home.

Your reputation precedes you.

Now hold it.

Drink your medicine at the prescribed intervals.

Sorry, I can't stay for long.

Everybody was confused.

Terrence already knew that Sherri had lots of money.

You don't have to worry about Deborah anymore.

It must be frightening.